There are an estimated 1.2 million people living with HIV in Uganda, which includes 150,000 children. An estimated 64,000 people died from AIDS in 2009 .

Kony and the LRA have abducted more than 25,000 children since 1986.

Approximately 20,000 babies are infected by HIV annually through mother-to-child transmission.

Nearly half of the estimated 2 million orphans are orphaned due to AIDS

16 women die every day due to complications from childbirth

....and the list goes on. Uganda is a country fighting to survive. Disease. Poverty. War. Corruption. 

And yet, there is hope. 

We were so thrilled with the work Watoto is doing in Uganda. Watoto works to rescue, raise and rebuild Uganda - with just one person at a time. Children are placed in a loving, nurturing home with a mother (not an orphanage!) and given an education. Women are given medical care, life skills and job training. Person  by person, lives are being restored and a country is being changed. We love the work of Watoto and encourage you to check them out in more detail here

We are firm believers that the organizations that are in the countries long term know how best to disburse our financial support from your purchases at Just One. All items bought from our Uganda collection are handmade by the women of Living Hope at Watoto. All items are purchased from them at a fair price, and a portion of all profits will also go back to supporting this organization... so more people can be supported and these statistics reversed. 

You can also consider donating to this great organization or sponsoring a child.