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What Moves You?

I often tell people - look at what moves you. What makes you mad, glad or sad that you just can't shake? (For me, it was meeting incredible artisans who were struggling to meet their family's needs in Kenya and Uganda.) Then look what's in your hands - what can YOU offer? (10+ years ago I was a photographer and shared their stories visually and then asked on my blog if anyone wanted to support by purchasing a necklace.... in two weeks we sold 200!)And finally, how can you use what's in your hand to support what moves you? (for me, I launched JustOne to create income opportunities for the artisans I met so that they can meet their own...

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Monday Motivation

If I can be completely candid - it's Monday morning, and my to do list is a mile long and my energy isn't. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and discouraged and lack motivation. But this has been a tough season for many of our artisan partners. Pandemic lockdowns were particularly strict in Kenya and Uganda and have had lasting economic repercussions on their communities. There has been health concerns. And a recession here and slower sales, means less orders and income for them there. But as we all know, the bills keep coming even when money doesn't. When we talk, I hear about needs - and the request is always the same. More work. More orders.  And I love that. ...

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Lillian's Bling Bling

 Recently, a reel featuring Lillian went viral. Normally, I'd be thrilled with a couple thousand views on a reel... but somehow this one has reached over half a million views (at the time of me writing this it's over 600K now!). People loved the story of how Lillian, a single mother in Kenya's Kibera slums, through her own hard work of creating things and partnering with JustOne is changing her family's story. Sending her children to school. Having a home built. And more.  The comments on the reel are so encouraging - cheering Lillian on and letting her know how proud they are of her hard work. I had to share these with her.  And so, I contacted Lillian and told her how...

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Uganda's Anti-LGBTQ laws

We have been following the state of the LGBTQ in Uganda for years but this week (as we go into pride month!) Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni signed one of the world's toughest anti-LGBTQ laws. In some cases, these laws even include the death penalty. (You can read more about the new laws in this CBC article here.) We had to do something… even if it was small. We had this beautiful pride collection created right in Uganda by artisans (who we are not going to name for their own safety). We named this rainbow collection "Awaka" as this is the acholi name for the word "Pride". These earrings, bracelet and necklace all have a set of rainbow beads made from recycled...

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Holiday Cut-Off Dates

I blinked - and we're a week into December. How did this happen?  And so, we all naturally begin to worry "will my online order be here in time?" We have compiled a list of dates to ease your mind! REGULAR MAIL (no tracking) -Friday December 9 for Canada/US COURIER -Thursday December 15 for National (Canada) or US. By "National" we refer to out of province but within Canada (example, we ship from Ontario - but you live in BC) LOCAL PICK-UP Local Pick ups are available 9am-9pm each day. Please order by December 22 to give us time to pick and pack your order and have it ready for pick up!  GIFT CARDS Order online and email right to your...

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