Who We Are

MEET KRISTA: Founder & CEO of JustOne

In 1994, Krista travelled to Ecuador and fell in love with purchasing directly from the artisan and celebrating their heritage and skills through their crafts. She dreamed of partnering with artisans globally - sharing their stories, faces and names. She was 18 at the time, and that dream lay dormant for many years. 

In the meantime, while this dream was waiting for the right time...  She married her college sweetheart in 1996, and they went on to have three daughters they adore. Krista stumbled into photography and loved a career in this field for many, many years. One day her camera led her to Africa, and the rest is history! (Or you can read it more in depth here). Today she partners with artisans globally - just as she had dreamed about as a young teenager. 

Krista is the chief story teller at JustOne - telling stories through photos, words and video on FacebookTikTokinstagramPinterest  and wherever people will listen with their ears, eyes and hearts. Krista is available for speaking engagements. Krista can be reached by email by clicking HERE.
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MEET JACK: Artisan Leader (Kenya)

Jack leads and mentors a talented group of artisans in Kibera, Kenya. His wife, Rose, is also an artisan, and together they have three children. These skilled artisans make stunning jewelry and housewares out up-cycled bones and cow horn, olive wood, coconut stems, recycled brass and more. Their technical abilities to execute any design are limitless! Jack is our main contact in Kenya - he is heavily involved in the design process, and coordinates the fulfillment of orders and shipping to Canada. Jack is not only a leader within the artisan group, but within the community as a whole. He cares about the people of Kibera deeply. He always inspires and encourages us, and everyone that he comes in contact with! 
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MEET KETTY: Artisan Leader (Uganda)

Ketty was born and raised in Gulu, Uganda, where she still resides with her mother and daughter. She knows first hand what it is like to be unemployed and discouraged - as she was once in that same position. She decided to use her creativity and passion for design to launch a company with the goal of ending poverty in her community through fashion. Now Ketty is passionate about empowering other artisans so they too are able to care for themselves. Ketty is an artist and a leader. She uses her leadership skills to advise, encourage and educate the artisans in her group. She is also our main contact in Uganda - who contacts the other group members for us, arranges Skype dates, follows up on orders and helps with banking.  We love her joyful attitude, her honesty and her willingness to give of her time and talents so generously. 

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Since 2012, JustOne has partnered with artisans in Kenya and Uganda to provide world changing fashion. Over the last couple of years we have expanded to include housewares from these artisan partners as well. We carefully curate our products so that you know when you purchase from JustOne, you can feel good about shopping with purpose. 

For over a decade now we have partnered together and seen lasting change in the lives of our artisan partners. They have become like family and it is an honour to work alongside them. 

JustOne is more than just Krista. Or Ketty. Or Jack.

It's all of us working together.

Making a difference in this world is a task that seems overwhelming - but when we all do our part the task becomes more manageable. Lives are changed for the better. 

By purchasing products from JustOne, you are making a statement not just in your fashion choices - but in how you live in the world. You are making a statement that the people who make your products matter. That they deserve to utilize their unique skills and abilities to earn fair wages and provide better futures for their families.

We are each JustOne person - but together we can make a difference!