Hosting an Event

Thank you for hosting a JustOne event! We are so thrilled you want to share the stories with your contacts and offer people an opportunity to support change in the lives of our African artisans!

Here are some tools to help make your event a success!


1) If you are hosting a home party - many of your contacts may not have heard of JustOne. A lot of people are tired of home parties... and we can't entirely blame them. :-)  We feel though that this is more than just another evening of home shopping - this is an opportunity to be inspired and encouraged! It's so much more than an evening about "stuff". It's about stories and people! To help your friends learn more about what to expect we have put together a short video you can share with them here: LINK


Other variations of the video that explains JustOne can be seen here: Short version  //  Long version 


2) Facebook is a great way to invite friends and let them know about your event! If you need help on how to create an event here is a helpful link


3) Here is our logo that you can use for your Facebook event page, print pieces or emails. If you need a larger size it can be found here: LINK



4) Here is a link to a file for a poster that you can use to print your own information about your event! This is a great tool for events in businesses, schools or churches. LINK


If we can do anything else to help you make your event a success - please drop us a line at:


Thanks again for your part in world change!