Introducing... Kenya!

We are so thrilled to announce our new Kenya products! Please check out both collections from the two organizations we support - Victorious Group and their beautiful jewelry made from bone and Power Women's Group's gorgeous beaded jewelry.

We will be blogging much about these great organizations and amazing country soon - but for now I wanted to leave you with something one of the young founders of Victorious Group, Jack, said yesterday: "I always dream that my children go to better schools and have good life in future, not the kind of life I went thru and I'm also hoping that one day they will play a big role to become change makers, by helping other people in the society."

This is a picture of Jack with his son. Thank YOU for helping Jack's dream for his children become reality. For being a change  maker yourself. Your purchases support so many incredible people just like Jack... Thank you!!

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  • Bart Wang

    Beautiful jewellery made by beautiful people. And THAT is a beautiful picture of a beautiful smile.

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