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When Madison was six she was home from school one day not feeling well. She was watching television and I was outside in the garden. Suddenly I heard yelling "mom! MOM!!!!" I came running panicked. 

The TV showed a World Vision ad just ending. Madi stood pointing at the television. "Mom. There are kids STARVING in the world." 

"I know, Madi."

"Why aren't we doing something?!?!?"

We had an amazing chat about ways we could do something. Madi drew a picture of herself and our World Vision sponsored child with the word "Remember" over it in big kid writing. Madi started selling these pictures and was interviewed by the local newspaper - and helped raise funds for World Vision. 

That was such a teachable moment. For me. 

At some point, we forget to be shocked that there are people starving and without clean water, children forced to be brides and soldiers, countless numbers of people infected with preventable diseases, living in conditions not fit for an animal. And then in the back of my mind, one word echoes. 


We still have on our fridge some of these magnets. And I look at them and remember. I remember a child who was moved to do something. And I'm inspired. 

Fast forward a few years, and again I find myself in awe of children and their passion to DO SOMETHING! 

Last night, at a home party a friend brought along her 12 year old daughter. I wasn't sure if she would be interested in all as I shared stories. Today I got an email that her daughter is researching about the places I mentioned, and looking to do a presentation to her school about it. She is bringing in JustOne flyers and photos and information. 

This afternoon, one of the mom's who was at last night's party emailed me a photo of her 11 year old daughter, Aurora, wearing her new JustOne necklace she wore to school today. Aurora shared with her whole class about the needs in Africa and the people who made her necklace. 

At Monday night's home party, a friend shared how her twin daughters are requesting no gifts for their upcoming 10th birthday - but instead donations for a charity. 

And I could go on and on with stories of these amazing kids. But I think I'll let them share in their own words. 

From 11 year old Aurora: 

When I saw my beautiful necklace just sitting under my Mom‘s necklace in the bag, I thought this is obviously from another country; it was so pretty! It had all of these colors and patterns! When I went to school with it on, I saw my teacher and told her that this was from African women that have trouble supporting themselves so they go to this program that helps women to learn skills like how to cook, grow food for themselves and do everything they hadn’t learned to do before. These women have hard lives! The jewelry helps them to make money so they can support their families.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, at school wanted to touch, feel it and wanted have one also! They loved the detail and how beautiful things come from all sorts of cultures! I shared about this with my class too. I feel like I am helping them in some sort of way, even though they are so far away and their lives are so different from ours here. I feel happy when I wear it and I’m happy that they have money to help their families!

From my 10 year old daughter Madison:

When my mom got home from Africa I was so happy but I was sad when she left . The 2nd time I was happy for her because she was getting jewelry from Africa to sell. She would help people in Africa . The money will help with food, homes, their children, education, and teaching the women in Africa how to make jewelry.I am so  glad that even I have helped women in Africa.  By buying a necklace from Africa I have given my money to help women in Africa. I feel happy when I wear my necklace. 

From Sarah's 16 year old daughter Caite:

I have always grown up telling people and knowing that one person can make a difference. Being a 16 year old girl its kind of hard to save the world. I have always known that we all have to power to change the world. My mom is my hero. My mom & her best friend are now showing us that yes one person can make a difference. Yes JUST ONE person can make an impact. 

And from my eight year old daughter Eden comes this drawing - complete with spelling mistakes. Makes it more authentic. :-)


And I'll sign off with this video I just stumbled across that is one of the best speeches I have ever heard. Please take a moment to listen. 

And in the words of a six year old.... Remember. 

"Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future"~ John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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  • Mark

    What powerful stories and words…out of the mouths of children. We have so much to learn.

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