It's been a long couple days of travel - but so good. After a couple of 8 hours flights to Uganda and even less time sleeping, we were in the car and heading north to Gulu with our host, Paul and driver, Bob. The sights, sounds, noises... are amazing and beautiful. So diverse. From beauty to heartbreaking poverty in seconds. But what struck me on this drive was how everywhere we went - in the city, or out on the highway road to the north is people walking. And walking. And walking. 

Walking miles to school. Or for water. Or to sell their goods or work in a garden. Walking with babies tied to their backs and heavy loads atop their heads. Walking with friends. Walking. Walking Walking. 

Here is one image taken from the back seat with streams of children walking home from school. One thing I have become increasingly aware of is the value of education and how I take it for granted. Would my children rise at the crack of dawn to walk miles to school just to turn around and walk miles home? So many sacrifices made so children can afford to attend school. And I so often don't even give it a second thought for my kids. 

May I never forget to be thankful. 

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