Africa Bound

Now that we've launched Just One - we can tell you our other exciting news. 

One week today, the two of us are heading to Africa. We leave on November 10, and are having a whirlwind tour with three days in each of three countries... Uganda, Kenya and South Africa. We will be setting up our business relationships with some amazing organizations who we can't wait to tell you more about! We will also be documenting the need in each country... and how it's being met. We have made a decision to partner with some great organizations as they are on the ground in these countries and best know how to meet the needs. We return home on the morning of November 22, and will then be hugging our families for as long as they permit. 

This means leaving two hubbies and 6 kids (between the two of us) for 12 days. It means 8 flights - including the longest flight in the world (Johannesburg, South Africa to New York City). But mostly it means being right where we know we're suppose to be. 

We will be tweeting and keeping in touch while we are away as internet allows. We hope you'll journey with us as we travel!

I'll sign off with a photo of me in Uganda in June. I had been warned that once you go to Africa, it gets into your heart and you long to go back. So true. So true. Have you been to Africa? Did it sneak into your heart too? 


  • Holly

    You have no idea how much I want to go… I am so happy for both you and Sarah!! What a wonderful journey the two of you are on! Hope and helping.

  • Bart Wang

    Yes, that is very true! While the natural environment is amazing, it is the people who are incredible, get inside your heart and never leave. Yay, Krista & Sarah!

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