Fire in Kibera

On May 15, a fire ripped through Kibera slums in Kenya... coming so close to our friends at SEED school (within 50meters!). At the end - 37 homes were destroyed and 17 students at SEED school were included in those who had lost everything. Homes. Clothes. Belongings. We are fortunate there were no fatalities although there were some injuries. It is such a tragedy here when there is a fire - but for those who already owned so little and struggled for everything they did own - this loss is felt even more deeply. 

Neighbours had rushed in to help as best they could - but with the tightness of the homes and no direct path to water it was too difficult to act quick enough to stop the fire before it had spread. 

You have all been so generous with donating in the past to SEED School through Give 5 and offering school supplies. If anyone would like to donate to help these people in this time of need - we will be sending funds to Padox - SEED"s headmaster - to distribute to those effected by the fire. You can contribute HERE.


  • Aouki Padocs

    Thank you for your compassionate concern and humility.

  • Louise Gagne

    Is there any way to get clothing and other things to them?

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