Dream Big

This morning I went to an assembly at my daughters' school where four time Olympic medalist Becky Keller was speaking. Becky had attended our little country school as a student - and now has gone on to achieve her Olympic dreams. Becky has 3 gold medals and a silver medal from Olympic hockey. Her talk was about setting goals, not giving up if you fail and working hard to achieve your dreams. I went for my daughters sake but I left feeling inspired and encouraged myself. 

It reminded me of our good friends Jack and Nelson and others in the Victorious Group in Kenya. They had a dream of teaching skills to youth in Kibera slums to provide employment and a hopeful future. They dreamed of making a difference in their community. And just like Becky Keller practicing and working hard all those years at hockey - this group worked hard at their dream. They faced many challenges but continued to not give up and kept their eyes on their goal. 

Yesterday I had sent our friend Jack a message to check in and see how he and the rest of the group was doing. I was pleasantly surprised by his response:

"Last night was a big day for me and Victorious. I applied for YouWin awards two years ago, and we became second and was presented award to me by top government officials before Kenyan/International medias...it was big, friend, and I thank God."

We could not be more proud! So well deserved!

Youth With Initiative (You Win) Awards seeks to address the problem of youth unemployment in Kenya. YouWin identifies and rewards youth entrepreneurs (18 – 35 years) who are making great strides in the world of business. Applicants were from all over Kenya for this prestigious award. 

Their prize included a video that was done about their work (can't wait to see it!), a generous monetary reward and six months of mentoring and business management training at the University of Nairobi. 

We love working with this group - they are so hard working and such visionaries. They inspire us to dream big and not give up! We are honoured to work alongside them and can not wait to see what the future holds for them! Please check out their beautiful collection here and consider supporting this group's handiwork. 



  • Aouki Padocs

    Amazing work keep up the spirit!

  • Joel Martin

    Pongezi, Jack na Victorious Bone Craft! Congratulations!

  • Christa Talarowski

    This is just amazing! We can’t be more proud of you and with each thoughtful and empowering decision you make for others, an empowered and worthy individual emerges. Thank you for all that you do – very well-deserved! Keep striving to exceed goals because you are amazing at it!

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