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This past week has been what is known as "Fashion Revolution Week".  This year it started on April 24 - four years to the date that the Bangladesh factory collapse happened. Over 1,000 people died that day in the name of fashion. Making inexpensive clothing in horrific conditions. That day was a wake up call to the need for slow fashion. Ethical fashion. And transparency. 

Over this past week, people were encouraged to ask "Who made my.... clothes/ bags/ jewelry/ accessories/ etc...." It can be easy to forget that there is a person on the other end of our purchases. And so, for the past week we have highlighted some of our artisan partners. Since not everyone is able to meet them in person - we wanted to introduce you virtually. To let you know a bit about the people who make the JustOne items we so proudly carry. Because a bit of their story, their time, and their life was invested in that necklace you wear. That bag you carry. That bracelet you gifted a friend. 

As I wrote these posts, and read posts over this week by countless others - I felt convicted myself over my own purchases. It is so easy to purchase something because it's inexpensive, or on sale, or simply just cute... without thinking about how it was made. If the people making it are being treated fairly. If my purchase is bettering someone's life or harming it. And so, I hope that I can take all I've learned and continue to learn and let it impact my daily decisions. To purchase less, and be more thoughtful in my shopping. To continue to embrace thrift shopping - not just because it's fun, but it's an ethical, environmental choice too. To talk to my family about the impact of purchases. And to not forget those who gave their lives so I could have a $10 and under section in my shopping experience. 

So, I've decided to add these posts introducing the artisans - and continue to add them - to this section here.To let you "meet" our artisan partners who we know and love personally. Each artisan who we partner with, we have met and know by name. Most of the artisans we have visited in their homes, shared a meal together and met their family members. And they have now met my family too. It is a partnership and friendship - and with relationship, it deepens our desire to care for all those connected with JustOne and treat each person as best we can!

We hope you enjoy meeting the artisans - I know I have! Watch for new posts to follow!

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