Uganda celebration

Tonight was a big celebration!!

All week the artisans have been busy finishing my order so I could take it home with me. Tonight they finished and we partied! Around 5pm, their kids started to come in the workshop. Each child came in and would start working with their parent without being asked or complaining. The kids expertly beaded and giggled as the last pieces were completed. Finally it was time!

The music was playing and the kids all loved the soda and everyone loved the meat on a stick (goat meat).

Then ketty provided a special cake she had ordered - the kids literally licked the plate clean! It's always so impressive to see how everyone shares and there's no budding in line or greediness.

There was so many kids as all the families came. It was so fun to sit outside with them and try to converse even though we don't speak each other's language. (We are getting good at that.)

It was soon dark and after all the food, we sat in a circle and thanked each other. Mark and I each thanked them for their hard work and hospitality and kindness. They thanked us for caring for their families. They thanked us for bringing our entire family to Africa.

Lucy's words made me laugh. She is always talking and laughing and I would just love to know what all she's saying! Ketty translated for us tonight though. Lucy thanked us for her teeth because of which she smiles all the time now. (Her teeth had been beat out of her during the war and we provided her with false teeth). She shared that she is putting on weight and healthy now. She told us she'd like to put us in her bag and take us home. And that if she spoke English she'd walk all the way to the hotel with us and talk the whole way.

At the end we prayed together and made promises to continue on our friendship and partnership. 

We piled families into our van and on bodas as it was very dark now. As the last person left, the much anticipated rain started to fall. Everyday we have been here people have spoken about longing for rain. I kept saying "not yet - not until we leave". And as the rain fell tonight and the power went out in the town (again) it was a peaceful ending to a great day.

Tomorrow we say our final farewells and start the long drive to entebbe. The next day we will start our long journey of flights home!

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