Thank you.

How do I begin to say thank you? 

On Saturday I turned 40 (it didn't even hurt). And my birthday wish had been this 40 dress campaign. Raising enough to purchase 40 of our artists in Africa a brand new dress as many had never had one. You can read about the campaign and watch a video of me explaining it here

At the end of the campaign I added up the numbers and was blown away by your support. 

Through your generosity, there was raised enough for 53 dresses. AND.... 14 men's outfits. This is all of our artists in both Kenya and Uganda that we work with!  As well new dresses were provided for a small group of HIV+ women that we work with occasionally in Kenya but love dearly!

AND... 58 pairs of shoes! Enough for all of our artists to receive a new pair of shoes!

AND... chickens too! 

Seriously. Thank you. But don't take my thanks... let me share some of the words I have received. 

"I don't know what God should do the people who donated money for the dresses, l don't have any words except God should bless them abundantly"

"No one has ever thought of buying me a dress, you are like an angel to us, tell them l love them very much"

"first it was fixing my teeth, now a dress n shoes....aahhhh thank you thank you. If you could enter my heart, you would see the joy in it"

"no one is going to laugh at me this Christmas because l will be having a new dress n shoes.... n be like everyone else"

Here is one of the women, Joyce, choosing  her fabric. Getting measured by Veronica (the tailor). And her finished product! Can't wait to share all the images!

Thank you can not go far enough! Asante Sana!


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  • Harmene

    This just makes my heart sing thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to be part of such a special gift at Christmas!! God bless you as you continue to serve Him in this very special way.

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