Kibera Slums

 Yesterday was an emotional day. We had spent the entire day in the Kibera slums. Wow. To see such extreme poverty was so overwhelming. I just felt helpless. Standing there looking out over the slums my heart sank. How could we possibly do anything to make a difference? The need is so great. I felt small and insignificant. 

But then we entered Seed Academy, a small school run by our guide, Padox, supported by Give International. When we entered the school - we could see the kids hurrying to gather and stand in two rows. When we entered the room they were in they presented us with the most amazing gift they had prepared for us. They started to sing "I am Just One" to the tune of Frere Jacques. Sarah and I both started bawling. 

That was it. 

We needed that reminder - the need is great. Huge. More than overwhelming. And may not be able to help the million people in the slums. But we can aim to make a difference with just one. And that one may help another one. And then that one may help another.... 

I am just one. But I can make a difference by helping just one at a time. 


  • Aouki Padocs

    Thank you so much for everyone who has played a positive role to bring the real change in the lives of these young ones in the slums os Kibera. Padox

  • Krista Fox

    Krista, you are doing incredible work. I visited Kibera with Ryan – founder of Give International, and he is also proof that one person can make a difference. You are amazing, and because of your work, more than one person will be changed.
    I love reading your updates. xo

  • Bart Wang

    So great! I recognize a couple of those kids and am glad to see they are still in school.

  • Louise Gagne

    How powerful is that to watch those innocent little ones singing that song! My heart goes out to them.
    Hope all else is going well there. Looking forward to hearing more.
    Love and hugs, Mom G

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