Bryan's View: A look into Kibera

This week - Bryan takes a look at life in Kibera through some of his favourite images....


1.  The amazing cityscape of Nairobi bordering the ever-sprawling Kibera slum from afar. Photo taken in the early morning of June.

2. Kibera is home to lots of roaming dogs. A few dwellers make friends with some of these dogs, but most inhabitants do not really like dogs. But whether or not they like or dislike these dogs, everybody in Kibera is used to them. These animals are that common, that everybody in Kibera would recognize them only when they would have disappeared. This picture shows a very typical scene in Kibera.

3. Kibera kids swimming in a obscure pool formed as a result of the ongoing road construction in Langata.

4. A woman frying fish in Kibera. Most businesses in Kibera revolves around selling of ready-to-eat delicacies such as samosas, fish, bhajias, et al.

5. Little kid with so much dreams posing for a portrait. He said he wants to work in an office when he grows up. 

6. In Kibera many (or maybe most) children grow up without a dad or  completely without parents. Without a chance for school. Without a peaceful environment. Without self-esteem. Without a hope for a better life. So is there any other situation where a child can find a reason to smile? Yes, there it is. A small spherical,  leathery or polythene-weaved thing can bring fun, happiness and cohesion for many hours. This is the power of team sports. This is the power of football!

Children will always play wherever whenever, regardless of the risk involved. Kibera kids playing right next to a railway line while a train is passing at a high speed.

Bryan Jaybee was born and raised in Kibera slums where he still resides. He is 22 years old and a journalism student at Multimedia University of Kenya, currently in his final year. Bryan will be sharing an insider’s view on life in Kibera every Tuesday on our blog with his photos and words. You can follow Bryan on instagram at @kiberastories for daily posts on life in Kibera. 

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  • Jeech

    Hello, I grew up in Kibera, 42 and I was wondering if I may request your permission to use the photo of the lady frying fish for an upcoming talk I am giving? Thanks in advance!

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