JustOne Person: Christine

Note from Krista: Christine and I have been friends for years through photography. I have loved being a part of her Smiling Eyes Project - and just had to have her share about it. Chris is an inspiring, vibrant person who embraces life wholeheartedly! Let me introduce you to this incredible woman - JustOne Person making a difference...

JustOne Introduction:

I'm a mother to twin 12 year old girls who make me want to be a better human being every day. I'm a wife to an amazing man of 17 years who has allowed me to follow my dreams from day one . I've been a professional photographer for 11 years and couldn't imagine doing anything else . Random fact I'm itching to learn how to long board this year !

JustOne Way to Give Back:

I founded the smiling eyes project in 2006 after I photographed a friend who was about to begin chemo treatments. I knew this was something that I could volunteer to do since I'm not the best cook . I decided to share the concept on my Click Photography website after I saw how much she appreciated the shoot and how much I learned from it . The need quickly grew and the concept became bigger than myself and that's when I called out to my fellow colleagues to join the smiling eyes project . We now have 40 + photographers across Canada donating their talent to families facing cancers fight . (Smiling Eyes is a non-profit group of Professional Photographers offering complimentary photo shoots to people/families facing Cancers fight or victory.)

JustOne Reason:

I believe everyone has something to give , whether it's a talent , their time or a gift . Smiling Eyes is my way of giving back to fight a disease that has taken so much from so many people.

JustOne Thing Learned:

I'm so much more thankful than I ever was. I appreciate the small things and I hold my family closer than ever. The lessons of strength , endurance, unconditional love , determination, and gratitude that I have witnessed thru my smiling eyes shoots will be forever engrained in my being . Smiling Eyes has helped shape who I am today .

JustOne Inspiration:

Seeing other successful people in the community give back has always been such an inspiration to me and it continues to enlighten me . I'm surrounded by incredibly generous people in my life. My faith is also a huge part of why I give back . If I ever have to experience cancer first hand I know I'd so appreciate the little extras out there that would help make the journey a little less difficult .

JustOne Book:

Right now I'm reading "Love, Skip, Jump" by Shelene Bryan

JustOne Thought:

Go with your heart and what you are most passionate about and the rest will follow ...

JustOne More Thing:

if you know of a family or friend. Who would benefit from a Smiling Eyes Shoot please connect with us HERE.

Know someone who is giving back and making our world a better place? We'd love to share their story and inspire others! Please share THIS LINK with them! 

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