Happy 2nd Birthday!

I remember when my girls were two years old. The first year was a year of figuring out life - rolling over, learning to crawl and then walk, getting their first teeth. Everything was new and exciting. 


And then when they turned two -  their personalities started to shine through more. They knew what they liked and didn't like. They loved to do the things they enjoyed - and to laugh and play and enjoy life to it's max! They loved with wide open arms. They hadn't learned to hide their feelings and they felt everything  at a volume level of 150%. They were still learning new things - a lot was through trial and error. They would get hurt or break something - and quickly learn that was not a good thing to do. They lived life large at age 2 and were full of energy until it was time to sleep - then they crashed hard out of exhaustion of a day of toddlerhood. 


Today - November 1st - JustOne turns two. I remember the "birth" of JustOne on November 1, 2012.  I was in over my head and felt some of the same emotions as any new parent holding their newborn child - excitement mixed with fears. What would it become? Was I ready to tackle this project? Did I make a mistake? And sheer joy for my new "baby" and excited to share it with family and friends!


Over that first year we figured out life as a newborn... how to crawl and then walk. Everything was new and exciting as we learned what we were doing and fumbled along. 


But this last year of toddlerhood is where our personality of JustOne has started to form. Who we really are as an organization. And, yes, just like a toddler some lessons were learned through trial and error. But also like a two year old - we are excited to start each new day with JustOne. To try new things. To do things we liked over again. And start to cement who JustOne is as an entity more clearly in our minds - and the world's eyes. 


We thank you for journeying with us through our formative years so far. Babies can be tough and draining - but in the end, there is nothing more reward and fulfilling than holding and loving your little one. 


And like kids, it seems to have gone by in a blink of an eye...  while at the same time feeling like you can't remember life before your baby.


Happy Birthday to us! So excited for the year(s) ahead!  


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