Spice Mix: Pilau Masala

Spice Mix: Pilau Masala

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Pilau Masala 45g

Our Pilau Masala has a warm, sweet taste. Pilau Masala is mainly used on rice in the Kenyan culture. If you want to add a subtle, sweet flavour to your dish, try Pilau Masala. It can be used in fried rice, rice pudding, on roasted veggies or check the back of the box for our recipe for authentic East African Rice Pilau.

Ingredients: Cumin, Paprika, Turmeric, Sumac, Cloves, Cinnamon, Bay Leaves, Black Pepper, Cardamom

About Thirteen A Social Enterprise:
We are a social enterprise that has been developed by youth. We created our spice mixes as a way to share cultures. We are part of a charity organization called Parkdale Food Centre where we see food as a tool to build community and create connections. That is what we want to do with our products and you!