Shopping Basket - colourful

Shopping Basket - colourful

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This nifty and comfortable tote basket is a perfect fit for shopping, going to the beach or on a picnic. The basket is woven out of natural elephant grass and is light, but thanks to its goatskin handles also durable, holding heavier items, too. With its elegant look, it can easily replace a purse on a summer concert or a beach trip. Should there be a moment when the basket does not have any other use, it is also perfect for storing magazines waiting to be read, or for hiding the hats and scarves that tend to pile up in the hallway. It is a truly multipurpose basket that has a place in every home.

Dimensions: width 36cm, height (with handle) 47cm

The basket is made of natural veta vera grass straw, handles are covered with goatskin. Avoid long-time use in humid conditions. Should the basket loose its shape, hydrate it lightly, and restore its initial form. Allow it to dry in a well-ventilated room. Colours may fade in contact with direct sunlight. Caution – this product may splinter!

Our world changing fashion is all individually handcrafted, and therefore small imperfections, differences in shape, size and colour can happen and are part of the charm of a handmade product - reminding us an actual person made this item just for you.