Pear Walnut Chutney
Pear Walnut Chutney
Pear Walnut Chutney
Pear Walnut Chutney

Pear Walnut Chutney

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Rescued produce in every jar: 0.5 Pears

A cheese lovers dream; our pear walnut chutney pairs beautifully with manchego, goat cheese as well as some nutty crackers. Full of flavour our pear walnut chutney is made with pears, red onions, raisins, walnuts as well spiced with some cayenne pepper.

Ingredients: Pears, Apple cider vinegar, Brown sugar, Red onions, Raisins, Walnuts, Ginger, Salt, Garlic, Cinnamon, Cayenne, Citric acid, Star anise.

Contains: walnuts

4oz / 118ml jar

May contain: tree nuts

Made in Canada



Each jar of jam and chutney is made with produce seconds and provides employment to individuals facing barriers to employment. What’s a second you say? We’re glad you ask! They’re perfectly delicious fruits and vegetables that didn’t quite make it to the produce section of your grocery store because they are either bumped, bruised or misshapen. We rescue these beauties and provide them and people a second chance by turning them into glorious chutneys and spreads all the while delivering on a paid employment training program for people who need it the most.