I turn on the news, and am overwhelmed by the needs around the world. People who are starving, sick, living in poverty and war. I wonder - what can I do? I am Just One person.

I can not help all, as much as I would love to... but I can start with Just One choice at a time to make a difference in this world. 

Just One is a fair trade organization that helps to meet the needs of many around the globe through the fair trade of their beautiful handcrafted items. 

Just One is proud to... 

-Offer hope. Through the purchase of Just One items, you are supporting someone who is struggling to survive. By offering a hand up - not a hand out - you are contributing to their needs while allowing them to maintain their dignity 

-Raise awareness. We love to tell stories - and will share the stories of the artisans who have crafted your purchase and the stories of need and how your purchase is making an impact. 

-Create advocates. Because your item is handcrafted - there is just one exactly like it. You will get compliments and questions about it - and by sharing the stories you've learned through Just One, you are also being an advocate for these people.