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We have now done all the school supply shopping in both countries. (You can read more about this here).

We gave the individuals and the school the amounts we budgeted to spend and it was up to them what to purchase. It was interesting to see what was purchased. In Kenya they purchased uniforms and books. The school in Kenya bought books. And in Uganda they bought the mandatory school supplies and are keeping them in storage at the workshop to be distributed as needed ongoing. Love how much thought and care went into each decision.

Here is the final list of what was purchased....

20 boxes of pens
48 counter books
26 dozen small workbooks
30 math sets
30 dozen pencils
25 reams of plain paper
25 reams of lined paper
14 backpacks
4 uniform shirts
5 uniform shorts
6 uniform dresses
5 uniform socks
1 uniform tie
31 uniform shoes
92 books

We had so much fun shopping for these items and the businesses here in Africa were thrilled we purchased locally from them.

We know that our decision of not bringing items and shopping locally was right for us but it is not always for everyone. We have family and friends who do mission and humanitarian trips around the globe and often it works best for them to bring the items as they are not available locally. For our purposes, the items were available here - yay!

Thank you to everyone who gave so generously!

This is Christopher. 

Christopher is Bosco's son. When we visited with their family Christopher shared how he would love to become a doctor or a vet. We asked him about grades. He's doing well but he felt he could do better if he had the textbooks. He has had to share the books with those who were able to purchase them. The next day we purchased the textbooks for him and we received this beautiful letter in response.

The number one priority of each parent we met was for their child's education. Thank you to everyone who contributed to supporting their endeavours! 

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