What's in a name?

Recently someone wrote an article about JustOne. She asked me an interesting question for her article. A question I've been getting more and more lately. 

"What's your last name, Krista? I've searched all through your website and can't find it!"

I laughed and told her my last name. 

Then yesterday I was asked the same question by an event planner who was having me speak at her event. 

Is this lack of last name online an oversight or am I just indulging my own single name rock star moment mentally? Cher, Madonna, Pink.... and Krista.  

Truth be told, it was originally done purposefully. I even struggled to put my first name out and about. Am I an extremely private person guarding my identity? As my family will tell you - I lean more towards oversharing personal details about myself. To everyone. So that is definitely not the why behind my solo name. 

The reason behind it is simply this - JustOne is not just one. I joke about it occasionally that the name  "JustOne" is because it's literally one person - just me. But it is so much more than that. The artisans. The volunteers. The cheerleaders. The clients. You! And so I questioned if I should put my name out there if I could not also put the name of each person who is also behind the world of JustOne in a less obvious role. I never want it to be about me - that would be so boring. I'm sorry to say my rock star mental indulgences mentioned above are just that - indulgences. Cheering crowds and adoring fans can please move on to the real one-named rock star women and pass me by. (I mean I can't even clap on beat).

But I am here. I am proud to have founded JustOne and to partner alongside artisans like Lillian, Agnes, Jack, Vero, Kennedy, Rose, Lily, Harrison, Lucas, Lucy, and I could go on. I am beyond grateful for the volunteers like Joslyn, Marcie, Erin, Tracy, Kristie and more. I need the encouragement and support of our cheerleaders like Mark, Carolynn, Natalie, Monica and countless others. And to each of you who have purchased, shared about and gifted JustOne I can not say thank you enough. 

And so, I am asked my last name again. Told again that they can't find it on our website. And each time Im asked, I'm reminded it's not about me. It's about each person who has laid hands on our items, spoke about JustOne, and been a part in some small or large way. 

And to answer the question, my last name is... for another day. 

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