Meet Vero

Meet Vero.

Vero has an incredible smile and is so joyful always. She is incredibly hardworking. She cares for her 7 children as a single mom - children that have come to her naturally through childbirth, and children who she has taken in when they needed a home and a mama. They are all her children now and she loves them dearly.

Vero is a talented tailor and has taught several young women her sewing skills so they too can earn a fair wage through the work of their hands. Vero is often the first one in to the workshop and the last to leave. You can show Vero a photo of what you want made, and come back a little while later and with nothing more than a photo and your measurements she’s made a fabric masterpiece. 

Vero is JustOne of the artisans behind our sewn products and we are so proud to partner with her! 

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