Meet Solomon

Meet Solomon.

Solomon has been working with this group of Kenyan artisans for about ten years. He is a very hard worker. Whenever I show up to the workshop he is working away. He is quiet and gentle and we always love visiting with him. Last year we had local tailors make all our artisan partners suits or dresses as part of a campaign for my 40th birthday… when we arrived the next time in Kenya, Solomon proudly had his suit on to show us. His speciality is bone jewelry - taking leftover bones from the butcher and turning them into beautiful works of wearable art. 

Solomon has five children and his goal is to have all his children complete their education. Last year when we visited we asked Solomon how working with JustOne has made a difference in his life. He answered that through the orders from JustOne he is able to “make bread” and send his children to school. 

We love working with artisans like Solomon and seeing the difference an ethical business can have on their life - and for generations to come as we see the impact in his children’s lives also.

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