Meet Kennedy

Meet Kennedy.

Kennedy is a designer in our Kenyan group of artisans. Like all of our Kenyan artisan partners, Kennedy lives in Kibera slums. He is quiet and patient and works hard. Kennedy said he likes working with this group because he fully trusts them and they are helpful. When we visited this year, Kennedy proudly showed us some chickens and birds he had saved up for and purchased for further income. Here he is outside his home (on the right of the photo is the wall to his home) with some of his birds. 

When we asked Kennedy to describe himself he answered he is a “humble person who loves God”. We asked what his hopes and dreams were for his community and he responded “praying for God to help the group expand and employ lots of people.” I love how this group is always looking outside of themselves and how to help and support others as well as themselves.

Kennedy is a hard worker and we are thrilled to partner with him through our brass and bone jewelry from Kenya.

Here Kennedy is hammering our brass pieces by hand.

Kennedy teaching my daughter, Eden, how to hammer brass. 

The day we took this group - and a few others who joined us after - to go apply for their birth certificates. Something they specifically requested and we committed to obtaining for all of our Kenyan artisan partners. On this morning they all showed up in their finest clothes - Kennedy always looks fashionable, but especially this day in his scarf and sunglasses! 

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