Meet Harrison

Meet Harrison.


Harrison is one of the kindest men I’ve met. He and his wife Lynette are always helping others. When we asked Harrison about his hopes and dreams - it was that their group could do well financially so that they could in turn help the community. His wife Lynette teaches Sunday School and prepares porridge for the children - telling us many are orphans and vulnerable children. And, this year when we visited Kenya we missed seeing Harrison because he was away at Dadaab refugee camp teaching refugees the art of making bone jewelry. He has now done three trips to the refugee camp along with another artisan from the group, Lucas. 

Harrison is married with three children. He makes bone jewelry and does woodworking. He says that he likes the group of artisans he works with in Kibera slums because there is unity, people share ideas and everyone gets a chance to say what is on their mind. Harrison works hard to provide for his family, and is making an impact in his community. We are honoured to partner with Harrison. He is just one person who’s life is changed by the items you purchase through JustOne.

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