Meet Bosco

Meet Bosco.

Bosco is such a sweet, gentle man. He’s the only male in the group of artisans we partner with in Uganda and is the lead designer there with the paper beads. He quietly works away alongside “the ladies” (as we all affectionately call them) - but is confident to say if something is not done right and needs done again.

Bosco, like all the artisans we partner with in Uganda, is a former child soldier. He and his now wife, both were abducted as children and forced into Kony’s army (the LRA) for several years before managing to escape. Bosco during this time lost a leg to a landmine - but it doesn’t slow him down at all! He still walks about an hour each way to get to the workshop - arriving with a big smile on his face.

On our recent visit, my family was happy to spend an evening with Bosco’s family. We have children similar ages - and his kids took my girls to the well to pump water and taught them other chores as well. As I mentioned in an earlier post, as we sat in Bosco’s mud hut home, he said in his quiet manner, “it’s simple but it’s enough.” This is so Bosco - he is content with what he has and his one real wish is to send his 5 children to school. When we asked if he had anything to say to people here - he simply said “If you can buy our product we can send our children to school."

Coming back from the war, with limited education having spent much of their childhood in the war and the stigma of being a soldier, employment is hard to come by for these artisans. We are so thrilled to partner with this amazing group in order to help them gain employment and send their children to school. Bosco is JustOne of our artisan partners and we are so thrilled to work alongside him.

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